Avidia Bank Enhances Customer Experience with Personetics AI on Q2 Digital Banking Platform

Avidia Bank has integrated Personetics’ AI-powered engagement engine into its new Q2 Digital Banking Platform, aimed at revolutionizing customer interactions through personalized insights and proactive financial guidance.

Avidia Bank has announced a strategic move to elevate customer engagement by adopting Personetics’ AI-powered engagement engine through the new Q2 Digital Banking Platform. This integration aims to transform how customers interact with their finances, offering personalized insights and proactive financial guidance tailored to individual needs. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Avidia Bank seeks to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, providing a more intuitive and responsive banking experience.

The implementation of Personetics’ technology on the Q2 platform marks a significant advancement in Avidia Bank’s digital strategy. The AI-powered engine will analyze customer behavior in real-time, identifying opportunities to deliver relevant financial advice and personalized recommendations. This includes proactive alerts for potential overdrafts, personalized savings goals, and spending trends insights. Such features are designed to empower customers with actionable insights that help them make informed financial decisions.

“We are excited to partner with Personetics to bring cutting-edge AI capabilities to our digital banking platform,” said Mark O’Connell, CEO of Avidia Bank. “This initiative underscores our commitment to providing a superior banking experience that anticipates and meets the evolving needs of our customers.”

The integration also aligns with Avidia Bank’s broader efforts to innovate in digital banking, aiming to set new standards in customer engagement and satisfaction. With Personetics’ AI, the bank anticipates strengthening relationships with customers by offering timely, relevant, and personalized financial guidance through digital channels.