C2FO is a global working capital platform that provides businesses with fast and flexible access to low-cost capital. Our platform uses patented Name Your Rate?? technology to match accounts receivable and accounts payable for hundreds of thousands of companies, allowing suppliers to receive early payment on their invoices and control the costs of their cash flow.Our mission is to ensure that every business has the capital needed to thrive, and we have delivered over $275 billion in funding to businesses around the world. By unlocking billions in risk-free capital, we help companies increase their margins and profits while ensuring the health of their supply chains.Since our founding in 2010, we have generated over $262 billion in working capital funding and accelerated payment by over one billion days in 42 different currencies. We have headquarters in Kansas City and operation centers in Europe, China, India, and Australia.As we continue to expand globally, we are also developing new working capital solutions to meet the needs of businesses. Our goal is to build a better and more inclusive financial system for all.


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