Capchase Secures €105M Credit Facility Led by Deutsche Bank

Capchase secures a €105 million credit facility led by Deutsche Bank to boost non-dilutive funding for European SaaS companies, supporting their growth amidst declining venture capital funding

Capchase, the revenue acceleration platform for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, has announced securing a €105 million credit facility warehouse led by Deutsche Bank. This new financing adds to the over $1 billion in combined debt and equity financing Capchase has raised since its inception in 2020.

This significant financial backing comes at a pivotal moment as recent Capchase data shows a nearly 50% surge in non-dilutive funding activity to European startups in 2023, contrasting sharply with a more than 45% decline in venture capital funding during the same period. The Deutsche Bank-led facility will enable Capchase to extend its support to UK and European SaaS businesses through Capchase Grow, providing eligible companies with access to non-dilutive financing to fuel their growth without diluting equity.

“We’re committed to helping SaaS companies grow their revenue in ways that work best for them with access to capital,” said Miguel Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of Capchase. “Over the past year, there has been a growing interest among European startups in non-dilutive funding as founders seek alternative ways to enhance their cash flow amidst increasingly challenging conditions for securing venture capital. With the latest €105 million of debt financing, we can continue to serve as a key financial partner to UK and European SaaS businesses, supporting their growth in the current economic climate.”

Ayaas Bhamla, vice president of capital markets at Capchase, added, “We are committed to being the trusted finance and revenue partner for Software companies, and this partnership ensures a long-lasting presence in key geographies around the globe. Having a global banking partner like Deutsche Bank supports our mission and brings a fortified balance sheet to support the founders on our platform. Partnering with such a well-respected bank helps Capchase provide our customers with the capital and tools they need to thrive.”

Capchase’s suite of products serves as a vital resource for business-to-business SaaS companies, aiding in revenue management, accessing non-dilutive capital, and accelerating growth. In addition to its Grow and Pay products, Capchase recently launched Capchase Collect in December 2023 and Capchase Infra in April 2024. Collect is a self-service product designed to expedite invoice collections and reduce overdue invoices, while Infra is a technology suite aimed at supporting banks and non-bank lenders by accelerating their digital lending roadmap.