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As an electronic money institution, Ltd provides businesses with online payment solutions. This includes e-wallet accounts, which allow businesses to store and manage their funds electronically. Ltd also offers virtual payment cards, which are digital cards that can be used for online purchases. These cards can be easily generated and used for one-time transactions or recurring payments.In addition, Ltd provides physical payment cards, which are physical cards that can be used for both online and offline purchases. These cards can be branded with the business’s logo and can be used by customers to make payments at any merchant that accepts card Ltd also offers white-label cards to online merchants and businesses. These cards can be customized with the merchant’s branding and can be used by customers to make payments specifically at that merchant’s website or store.As an authorized and regulated institution, Ltd operates in compliance with the regulations set by the Central Bank of Cyprus. This ensures that the company follows strict guidelines to protect the funds and personal information of its customers.Overall, Ltd provides businesses with a range of online payment solutions to help streamline their payment processes and improve the customer experience.

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