FIS Unveils Atelio, a Groundbreaking Embedded Finance Platform Empowering Financial Innovation

: Discover how FIS’ groundbreaking fintech platform, Atelio, is revolutionizing the financial landscape by empowering businesses to seamlessly integrate financial services into their offerings, driving innovation and enhancing customer experiences.

FIS (NYSE: FIS), a renowned global leader in financial technology, has launched Atelio by FIS, a cutting-edge fintech platform designed to provide the essential components for financial institutions, businesses, and software developers to seamlessly integrate financial services into their offerings.

Atelio represents a significant leap forward in financial innovation, offering a comprehensive array of tools and capabilities that enable companies across various industries to create tailored financial experiences. Whether it’s collecting deposits, facilitating money transfers, issuing cards, sending invoices, or leveraging advanced fraud prevention mechanisms, Atelio equips users with the building blocks to embed financial services directly into their products and workflows.

The platform’s debut has already garnered significant traction, with three prominent clients – KeyBank, College Ave, and RoyalPay Inc. – actively leveraging Atelio to develop innovative financial solutions. This early adoption underscores the platform’s versatility and its potential to revolutionize the delivery of financial services.

Tarun Bhatnagar, President of Platform and Enterprise Products at FIS, expressed his enthusiasm for Atelio’s transformative impact, stating, “Welcome to the future of financial services. Atelio by FIS embodies our vision to lead the fintech landscape into uncharted territory, empowering businesses to reimagine how financial services are accessed and consumed.”

The rise of embedded finance, where financial offerings are seamlessly integrated into everyday transactions, has gained significant momentum in recent years. According to Bain Capital, embedded finance is projected to represent 10% of transactions, valued at $7 trillion, by 2026. Atelio is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this trend by democratizing access to FIS’ extensive fintech capabilities and fostering the next wave of financial innovation.

What sets Atelio apart is its foundation built on FIS’ rich heritage of financial innovation and expertise in risk management and compliance. By offering curated fintech capabilities as a service, Atelio empowers banks, businesses, and software developers to create bespoke financial experiences while ensuring scalability and regulatory compliance.

Moreover, Atelio’s distribution is bolstered by FIS’ extensive bank network and strategic partnership with Worldpay®, providing users with unparalleled access to the global financial ecosystem. This expansive reach makes Atelio a prime destination for companies seeking to drive financial innovation and enhance customer experiences.

Karen Boltz, Head of Product Management at College Ave, praised Atelio’s simplicity and effectiveness in enabling the rapid launch of new financial products. “We wanted a product that could bring together an account, credit card, and payments into a single experience,” said Boltz. “Atelio allowed us to offer a custom solution through our platform in a simple and secure process, which has been hugely beneficial to us in meeting our customers’ needs.”

In conclusion, FIS’ introduction of Atelio marks a significant milestone in the evolution of financial technology, offering a transformative platform that empowers businesses to unlock new dimensions of financial innovation and customer engagement.