Fortis Pay

Fortis Pay

FortisPay is a comprehensive payment solutions provider that caters to software partners and developers. They offer embedded payment solutions designed to transform payments into a competitive advantage for businesses. Their proprietary platform strengthens the payment capabilities of your software, providing a seamless and efficient payment process. FortisPay specializes in various industries including B2B & ERP, Hospitality, Healthcare, Specialty Retail, and Nonprofit, ensuring tailored solutions for diverse needs. With a team of dedicated professionals, FortisPay embraces the complexity and nuances of your industry to provide the best possible payment solutions.

  • Year Founded: FortisPay was established in 2009.
  • CEO: The CEO of FortisPay is Greg Cohen.
  • Headquarters: FortisPay is headquartered at 43155 Main St. Suite 2310-C, Novi, Michigan, United States.

Why choose FortisPay?

  1. Unique Payment Experiences: FortisPay is dedicated to transforming payments into your competitive advantage.
  2. Proprietary Platform: Their proprietary platform supports and strengthens the payments capabilities of your software.
  3. Industry Specializations: FortisPay has vertical expertise enabling them to tailor their proprietary platform to deliver unique payments experiences for various industries.
  4. Guides: FortisPay has dedicated professionals who work with you to develop an experience roadmap showing how to create tailored experiences for your customers.
  5. Positive Reviews: FortisPay has received positive reviews from their customers.

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