Global Payments Expands European Presence with Acquisition of Takepayments

Global Payments, a leading payment technology company, has acquired Takepayments, a UK-based provider of payment solutions, for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition aims to strengthen Global Payments’ market position in the UK and enhance its capabilities in delivering innovative payment solutions to businesses across various sectors.

Global Payments, a frontrunner in payment technology and software solutions, has announced the acquisition of Takepayments, a prominent player in the UK’s payment solutions sector. This strategic move underscores Global Payments’ commitment to expanding its footprint in the European market and fortifying its service offerings to cater to a diverse range of businesses.

The acquisition, finalized for an undisclosed sum, positions Global Payments to leverage Takepayments’ established market presence and expertise in delivering tailored payment solutions. Takepayments, headquartered in the UK and renowned for its comprehensive suite of payment services including card machines, online payments, and merchant accounts, has built a robust reputation over the years for reliability and customer-centric approach.

Jeffrey Sloan, Chief Executive Officer of Global Payments, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, emphasizing that it aligns with their strategy to enhance capabilities and broaden market reach. “Takepayments’ strong market position and innovative solutions complement Global Payments’ commitment to providing cutting-edge payment technology,” Sloan noted.

The integration of Takepayments into Global Payments’ ecosystem is expected to bring synergies that benefit both companies and their customers. This includes accelerated innovation in payment technology, improved operational efficiencies, and expanded service capabilities tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses across various industries in the UK and beyond.

Global Payments continues to be a key player in the global payments landscape, consistently investing in technology and strategic acquisitions to bolster its market position. The acquisition of Takepayments marks another milestone in Global Payments’ growth trajectory, positioning the company strongly amidst the competitive and dynamic landscape of payment technology providers.