Is Stax Payments Safe? A Comprehensive Evaluation

When considering a payment processing platform, one of the most crucial questions is its safety and reliability. For businesses relying on secure and efficient transactions, the choice of payment processor can significantly impact their operations. Stax Payments is a prominent name in the industry, but how safe is it really? In this article, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of Stax Payments based on several risk categories to determine its safety and reliability.

Domain Age

Low Risk: Stax Payments was founded in 2014. A domain age of over two years generally indicates a stable and established presence. Given that Stax Payments has been operational for nearly a decade, it falls into the low-risk category for domain age. This longevity suggests reliability and trustworthiness, as businesses that are not secure or reliable typically do not sustain such long-term operations.

LinkedIn Presence

Low Risk: Stax Payments has an active LinkedIn page. A presence on LinkedIn is often an indicator of transparency and credibility. It allows for professional networking and provides a platform for the company to share updates and interact with clients and stakeholders. This active engagement on LinkedIn helps build trust and shows that Stax Payments is a legitimate and communicative entity in the industry.

LinkedIn Employee Count

Low Risk: With over 200 employees listed on LinkedIn, Stax Payments demonstrates significant growth and operational capacity. A higher employee count often reflects a company’s stability and ability to handle various aspects of the business efficiently. This robust workforce contributes to the company’s ability to provide reliable services and support to its clients.

Trustpilot Review Points

Low Risk: Stax Payments has a Trustpilot page with an average rating of over 4.0 stars. Trustpilot reviews provide insights into customer satisfaction and service quality. A high rating on Trustpilot indicates that Stax Payments is well-regarded by its customers, suggesting that the company delivers on its promises and maintains a high level of service and security.

Sitejabber Review Points

Neutral: While Stax Payments does not have a significant presence on Sitejabber, this does not directly indicate risk but does not provide additional positive assurance either. It’s worth noting that absence on a specific review platform isn’t inherently negative, but prospective clients might consider seeking reviews on multiple platforms for a more comprehensive understanding of the company’s reputation.

Social Media Presence

Low Risk: Stax Payments maintains active accounts on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. An active social media presence allows for real-time communication with customers and provides a channel for sharing updates and addressing concerns. This visibility and engagement are positive indicators of the company’s transparency and commitment to customer service.


Low Risk: The website has a strong backlink profile with high authority backlinks, significantly more than 600. A robust backlink profile indicates that other reputable websites trust and link to Stax Payments, enhancing its credibility and trustworthiness in the digital space.

Company Information

Low Risk: The company has its address and contact information clearly listed on its website. Providing clear contact information is crucial for transparency and accountability. It ensures that customers and partners can easily reach the company for support or inquiries, fostering trust and reliability.

Company Registration and Licensing

Low Risk: Stax Payments is a registered company with clear information available publicly and is a licensed payment processor. Licensing and registration are critical indicators of a company’s legitimacy and adherence to regulatory standards. Being a licensed entity, Stax Payments must comply with industry regulations and standards, further ensuring its reliability and safety.

PCI DSS Certification

Low Risk: Stax Payments is PCI DSS certified, ensuring high standards of security for handling card payments. PCI DSS certification is a stringent standard for secure payment processing. This certification demonstrates that Stax Payments employs best practices for data security, protecting sensitive information and minimizing the risk of breaches.


Based on the evaluation criteria provided and the analysis conducted, Stax Payments falls predominantly into the Low Risk category across all factors. This indicates that the platform is safe to use, given its comprehensive compliance with industry standards, strong social media presence, positive customer reviews, and robust security certifications.

Businesses looking for a reliable and secure payment processing solution can consider Stax Payments as a trustworthy option. Its established presence, transparency, customer satisfaction, and commitment to security make it a compelling choice in the competitive payment processing industry. Always ensure to stay updated with the latest reviews and security measures implemented by any platform to ensure ongoing safety and reliability.