Kathryn Haun to Step Down from Coinbase Board to Focus on Venture Investing

Kathryn Haun, a long-serving board member at Coinbase, has announced her decision to step down from the position later this year. Having served for over seven years, Haun expressed her intention to shift her focus towards Haun Ventures, a platform supporting crypto stack innovation.

In a post shared on X, Haun emphasized the rapid expansion of the crypto landscape and Coinbase’s strong position within it. She cited the increasing growth of Haun Ventures as a driving factor behind her decision, signaling her commitment to supporting the platform’s growing portfolio of founders and building a lasting venture franchise.

During her tenure at Coinbase, Haun witnessed significant milestones in the company’s journey, including its evolution into the first publicly traded crypto company and its advocacy for global regulatory clarity. She played a pivotal role in the launch of various market and technology infrastructure pieces, including the recent introduction of Base.

Haun expressed her gratitude towards Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong, fellow board members, and the entire leadership team for their collaboration and support throughout her tenure. She also highlighted the invaluable contribution of Coinbase alumni, both within Haun Ventures and as portfolio founders, emphasizing Coinbase’s role as an exceptional incubator for entrepreneurial talent.

In her closing remarks, Haun affirmed her continued support for Coinbase and her intention to maintain close ties with the company’s leadership even after her departure. She fondly reflected on her time at Coinbase, describing it as an “amazing ride.”

Haun’s decision to step down from the Coinbase board marks a significant transition in her career, reflecting her commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within the crypto ecosystem.

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