KOAT Capital Acquires Pelican AI to Boost AI-Powered Payment Solutions

KOAT Capital has finalized the acquisition of Pelican AI, marking a significant move to enhance global banks’ AI-powered payment and compliance solutions.

KOAT Capital, a prominent investment firm specializing in financial technology, has announced its acquisition of Pelican AI, a leading provider of AI-powered payment and compliance solutions. This strategic acquisition aims to bolster Pelican AI’s innovative capabilities and expand its footprint in the global banking sector.

Pelican AI is renowned for its advanced AI technology that optimizes payment processing and ensures regulatory compliance for financial institutions worldwide. The acquisition by KOAT Capital is poised to inject fresh capital and strategic guidance into Pelican AI, fostering accelerated growth and technological advancements.

“This acquisition represents a pivotal moment for both KOAT Capital and Pelican AI,” stated James Chen, CEO of KOAT Capital. “Pelican AI’s expertise in leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline payments and enhance compliance aligns perfectly with our vision of driving innovation in the financial technology space.”

The integration of Pelican AI’s solutions with KOAT Capital’s extensive network and resources is expected to unlock new opportunities for global banks seeking robust, scalable AI-driven solutions. This collaboration promises to set new industry standards in efficiency, security, and regulatory adherence across financial transactions.

As part of the acquisition, Pelican AI will continue to operate independently under KOAT Capital’s ownership, maintaining its commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies that empower financial institutions to navigate increasingly complex regulatory landscapes.

With financial technology evolving rapidly, KOAT Capital’s strategic investment in Pelican AI underscores a shared commitment to pioneering advancements in AI-powered payment solutions, ultimately benefiting banks and their customers worldwide.