MEXC is a centralized exchange that employs a high-performance mega-transaction matching technology. It has quickly established itself as one of the top 100 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Founded in April 2018 in Seychelles, MEXC is known for its high-performance and mega transaction matching technology, which allows for fast and efficient trading. The exchange has served over 10 million users and has a presence across major continents and jurisdictions around the globe. It is also regulated, with compliance licenses in 5 well-recognized nations: Switzerland, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

The exchange at MEXC is a high-performance trading engine that has been developed by experts from the banking industry and is capable of completing 1.4 million transactions per second, which results in groundbreaking efficiency and enhanced performance.

It serves over 170 countries and has listed more than 1,520 coins (2,110+ pairs) on its platform, with billions of dollars’ worth of trading volume. The cryptocurrency exchange utilizes cold storage wallets to manage more than $500 million worth of cryptocurrency deposits. It is a great choice for both novice and experienced crypto traders being a secure and reliable cryptocurrency that allows users to easily and quickly buy and sell digital assets. The wallet allows users to store multiple currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. MEXC provides users with a variety of tools such as real-time market data, technical analysis tools, and news updates to help them stay informed and make informed decisions.

Why Choose MEXC?

Awesome customer support
Implements two-factor authentication for better security
Offers a wide range of services for trading digital assets
Supports user-configured tradable crypto pairs
Supports API Key renewal to avoid repeated linking
Supports sub-account deposits and withdrawals
Supports sub-account transfers
Provides the ability to directly buy and sell cryptocurrencies, spot trading options, futures trading, and leveraged exchange-traded funds
Makes buying and selling digital assets quick and efficient
Allows users to access the buying and selling feature with just a few clicks
Offers more than 1,520 cryptocurrencies and over 2,000 trading pairs
Allows you to speculate on the price of a cryptocurrency without actually holding the asset
Offers the best futures liquidity for the top 50 cryptocurrencies which enhances the user’s experience even more
Offers its users the ability to trade ETFs
Low transaction fees and great sign-up bonuses for new users
Secure and reliable platform

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