Magnetiq Bank

Magnetiq Bank

Magnetiq Bank, formerly known as LPB Bank, represents a new era in banking technology and services. With its rebranding in April 2024, the bank has positioned itself at the forefront of financial innovation, catering to the specific needs of FinTech and e-commerce businesses. Magnetiq Bank offers a comprehensive suite of retail and business banking products, including various accounts, loans, and brokerage services. Additionally, it provides cutting-edge payment solutions and a banking-as-service platform, enabling clients worldwide to seamlessly accept payments and foster growth in the digital economy.

  • Year Founded: Rebranded to Magnetiq Bank in 2024.
  • CEO: Acting chairman of the board is Anton Kononov.
  • Headquarters: Riga, Latvia.

Why choose Magnetiq Bank?

  1. Offers financial products tailored for FinTech and e-commerce businesses.
  2. Provides a state-of-the-art payment gateway for global transactions.
  3. Features a banking-as-service platform for leveraging bank infrastructure.
  4. Focuses on technological solutions and professional cooperation.
  5. Committed to innovation and customer-centric services.


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