PayFabric is a cloud-based payment processing platform that offers a seamless solution for businesses to handle their payment needs. It serves as a storage hub that can be easily integrated with any application, system, or back office environment. PayFabric provides a secure and efficient way to process payments, reducing the complexity and challenges associated with payment processing. Its flexibility and adaptability make it a preferred choice for businesses looking for a reliable and efficient payment solution. With PayFabric, businesses can focus more on their core operations while ensuring smooth and secure transactions.

  • Year Founded: PayFabric was founded in 2011.
  • Headquarters: PayFabric is headquartered in Anaheim, California, United States.

Why choose PayFabric?

  1. Cloud-Based Payment Processing Platform: PayFabric offers a cloud-based payment processing platform and storage hub that can be integrated with any application, system, and back office environment with ease and simplicity.
  2. Accept Payments Anywhere: They allow businesses to take payments and connect data across all their platforms, websites, and applications using a centralized hosted solution.
  3. Secure Data in the Cloud: They remove sensitive payment data from your local environment and simplify PCI compliance.
  4. Integration with Ease: They provide a RESTful API with easy documentation and sample codes for Rapid Payment Application Development.
  5. Complete Payment Processing Solution for Merchants: PayFabric provides a complete payment processing solution for Merchants with valuable benefits for your business: Minimize Risk & Liability, Reduce IT Demands, Enhance Business Continuity, Simplify PCI Compliance, Centralize Payment Data.
  6. Powerful Solution for Developers: PayFabric provides Developers with a powerful, yet simple solution to accept payments from anywhere: Connect Payments and Share Data Across Platforms, Accelerate Coding and Development, Customize for Seamless User Experience, Reduce PCI Compliance Challenges, Cultivate Growth and Scale Easily.
  7. Certified Payment Processing: PayFabric is a cloud-based payment acceptance platform & gateway including a storage hub that allows companies to process electronic payments from virtually any application.

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