Peak3 Emerges as ZA Tech Rebrands, Secures $35M Series A Funding Led by EQT

ZA Tech rebrands to Peak3 and raises $35 million in a Series A funding round, led by EQT. The rebranding reflects the company’s expanded focus on innovative insurtech solutions, aiming to leverage cutting-edge technology to transform the insurance landscape.

In a significant move signaling its growth and evolution, ZA Tech has rebranded to Peak3, marking a new chapter in its journey as a leading insurtech company. This transformation comes alongside the successful closure of a $35 million Series A funding round, spearheaded by global investment firm EQT.

The rebranding to Peak3 reflects the company’s ambition to elevate its offerings and extend its footprint in the insurtech industry. By adopting the new name, Peak3 aims to encapsulate its vision of reaching the pinnacle of technological innovation in insurance, offering state-of-the-art solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of the market.

The substantial $35 million funding from EQT is set to fuel Peak3’s growth strategies, which include the development of advanced digital platforms, expansion into new markets, and enhancement of its product portfolio. This investment underscores the confidence of EQT in Peak3’s potential to disrupt the insurance sector through innovative technologies.

Jason Tan, CEO of Peak3, expressed enthusiasm about the rebranding and funding, stating, “Rebranding as Peak3 symbolizes our commitment to scaling new heights in the insurtech landscape. With the backing of EQT, we are well-positioned to accelerate our growth and redefine the future of insurance.”

Peak3’s rebranding is not just a change of name but a strategic move to align with its broader mission and vision. The company plans to utilize the fresh capital to bolster its research and development efforts, focusing on artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and other cutting-edge technologies that can streamline insurance processes and enhance customer experiences.

As Peak3 steps into this new era, it remains dedicated to its core mission of transforming the insurance industry. With the support of its investors and a renewed brand identity, Peak3 is poised to make significant strides in the global insurtech arena.