Pleo is a comprehensive spend management platform that centralizes business expenses, reimbursements, and invoices for optimal financial efficiency. It offers smart company cards for safer team spending and integrates seamlessly with daily business tools, simplifying workflows. Pleo’s automated accounts payable solution allows for easy capture, processing, approval, payment, and bookkeeping of invoices. It also facilitates the tracking, review, and management of reimbursements between employees and the business. With custom spending limits, multi-step approvals, budgets, and detailed spending insights on a single dashboard, Pleo provides businesses with control and visibility over their finances.

  • Year Founded: Pleo was founded in 2015.
  • CEO: The CEO of Pleo is Jeppe Rindom.
  • Headquarters: Pleo is headquartered in Copenhagen, Ravnsborg Tværgade 5C, Denmark.

Why choose Pleo?

  1. Better Spending: Pleo is not just about avoiding the pain of manual expenses. It’s about trusting workers with the company’s money.
  2. Transparency: As soon as a purchase is made on a Pleo card, admins can get a notification.
  3. Control: Set individual spending limits for each Pleo card and adjust them as needed.
  4. Freedom: Pleo liberates your team from red tape and trust them with the tools they need.
  5. Efficiency: Pleo looks after expense reports and receipts – so you and your team can focus on work that really counts.
  6. Integration: Pleo can seamlessly integrate with the tools your business uses daily.

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