Profee is an international online service that provides a fast, reliable, and secure platform for sending money abroad. It prides itself on offering lower costs compared to traditional banks and other remittance services, making it an attractive option for users. With a wide reach, Profee allows users to send money to numerous countries within minutes. Additionally, it offers customer support in multiple languages including English, Russian, and Greek. However, as with any financial service, users are advised to conduct their own research to ensure the service’s trustworthiness before proceeding with transactions.

  • Year Founded: Profee was founded in 2017.
  • Headquarters: Profee’s headquarters are located in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Why choose Profee?

  1. Fast and Reliable: Profee offers a quick and reliable way to send money overseas.
  2. Secure: Your transfer is protected by EU regulation and supported by a check being sent to your email.
  3. Cost-Effective: Profee claims to offer a much lower cost than what banks and other money remittance services offer.
  4. Wide Reach: You can send money within minutes to a large number of countries.
  5. Customer Support: Profee provides customer support in English, Russian, and Greek.
  6. Positive Reviews: Profee has received positive reviews for its service, with users highlighting its excellent exchange rates, simple interface, and fast card-to-card transfers.

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