Qorus and Infosys Finacle Collaborate to Recognize Global Banking Innovation

Qorus and Infosys Finacle have joined forces to identify and celebrate groundbreaking banking innovations globally, fostering a culture of creativity and advancement in financial services.

Qorus, a renowned entity specializing in innovation recognition solutions, has entered a strategic partnership with Infosys Finacle, a leading provider of banking technology, to jointly promote and acknowledge pioneering banking initiatives worldwide. This collaboration aims to highlight and reward institutions and individuals that spearhead transformative changes within the banking sector.

Infosys Finacle’s robust banking technology platform will serve as the cornerstone for evaluating and identifying groundbreaking innovations. Qorus, leveraging its expertise in innovation recognition, will facilitate the identification of exemplary practices that redefine customer experiences, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance overall banking services.

The partnership will encompass various initiatives, including awards and recognition programs designed to showcase innovative solutions and strategies. These efforts will not only celebrate achievements but also inspire and encourage other institutions to embrace innovative practices. By fostering a culture of creativity and forward-thinking, Qorus and Infosys Finacle aim to drive continuous improvement and advancement within the global banking industry.

According to David Holmes, CEO of Qorus, “This collaboration with Infosys Finacle marks a significant step towards recognizing and promoting innovation excellence in banking. Together, we will celebrate the visionaries who are leading the way in transforming financial services.”

Rajesh Makhija, Head of Business Development and Alliances at Infosys Finacle, added, “Partnering with Qorus allows us to amplify our efforts in recognizing and supporting innovative banking initiatives globally. We look forward to honoring those who demonstrate outstanding creativity and impact in shaping the future of banking.”

The joint initiative underscores the importance of innovation in driving competitiveness and customer satisfaction in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. Through this collaboration, Qorus and Infosys Finacle aim to empower banks to navigate and excel in an era of rapid technological evolution and dynamic customer expectations.