Serenity Financial

Serenity Financial

Serenity Financial is a unique platform that offers a modern approach to regulating the financial relations between a broker and a trader. It provides a range of services including online foreign exchange, buying and selling currency, money transfer, and more. The platform leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparency and reliability in all transactions. In addition to these services, Serenity Financial also offers a mobile application for easy and effortless money transfers. They also facilitate payment of university fees, living expenses, and Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC) that can be easily made online. As a principal agent of Western Union, Serenity Financial enables NRIs to send money for family maintenance. With a range of other services including quick online registration for a Guaranteed Investment Certificate, currency notes, multicurrency travel cards, air tickets (domestic & international), hotel bookings, holiday packages, MICE travels, and travel insurance, Serenity Financial is a comprehensive solution for various financial needs. Whether you’re looking to send money abroad, pay university fees, or manage your foreign exchange needs, Serity Financial has got you covered.

  • Year Founded: Serenity Financial was founded in the year 2019.
  • CEO: The CEO of Serenity Financial is Katherine Wells.
  • Headquarters: The headquarters of Serenity Financial is located at 1330 Logan Street, Denver, CO, United States.

Why choose Serenity Financial ?

  1. Individual Approach: Serenity Financial treats you as an individual, giving you the time and space to explore the things which are important to you.
  2. Understanding: They understand that people worry about money and provide support through a simple approach to understand your everyday thoughts and worries.
  3. Long Term Partnership: Financial life planning with Serenity is a dynamic process, so you’ll be working with your planner on an ongoing basis to make sure you stay on track.
  4. Organisation: They guide you through every aspect of your financial planning, including managing your monthly budget, sorting your tax returns, organising your Will, and designing and monitoring your investment portfolio.
  5. Qualified and Experienced: Their Financial Life Planners and Client Relationship managers have the necessary experience and qualifications to ensure that you have the correct financial architecture in place, both for now and in the future.

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