Square Revolutionizes Quick-Service Dining with Square Kiosk

Square, a leading provider of innovative payment solutions, has announced the launch of Square Kiosk, a groundbreaking self-serve ordering system designed specifically for quick-service restaurants. This fully integrated software, hardware, and payments solution promises to streamline the ordering process, enhance customer experiences, and optimize operational efficiency for restaurant owners.

Square Kiosk aims to empower guests by offering them a seamless and customizable ordering experience through its sleek design and user-friendly interface. With embedded contactless and chip payment technology, diners can conveniently place their orders without the need for assistance from restaurant staff, allowing them to bypass lines and reduce wait times.

One of the key features of Square Kiosk is its compatibility with Square for Restaurants and other tools within Square’s ecosystem, providing restaurants with a comprehensive solution for managing orders, payments, and menu updates. The flexibility of Square Kiosk allows for easy installation in various locations within the restaurant, saving valuable counter space and offering greater convenience for both customers and staff.

Moreover, Square Kiosk tracks sales data in real-time and synchronizes menu updates instantly, ensuring that customers always have access to the latest offerings. This integrated solution also provides restaurateurs with instant access to payments through Square Checking, offering greater liquidity and convenience in managing cash flow.

According to Erik Göranson, CEO of Recess, a multi-location quick-service restaurant, Square Kiosk has significantly improved the ordering process for guests, with checkout times reduced to under 60 seconds. The intuitive interface and built-in payment options have contributed to a smoother and more efficient dining experience, leading to plans for further adoption of Square Kiosks in 2024.

In addition to Square Kiosk, Square has introduced several new features aimed at helping restaurants streamline operations and drive growth. These include a redesigned Square Restaurants POS, Scan to Pay for quicker payments, an updated Orders tab for better order management, and Release Manager for flexible software updates.

Ming-Tai Huh, Head of Food and Beverage at Square, emphasized the importance of technology in addressing the challenges faced by restaurants, particularly in maximizing orders and managing labor costs. Square remains committed to providing restaurateurs with the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive industry.