TD Bank Unveils ‘Sonic Identity’ in Collaboration with Sixième Son

TD Bank introduces its new sonic identity, developed with Sixième Son, enhancing brand accessibility and recognition across audio platforms and ATMs.

TD Bank Group (TD) has introduced a new sonic identity, created in partnership with global sonic branding agency Sixième Son. This innovative audio branding strategy is designed to enhance TD’s brand presence across television, radio, online advertising, and over 2,800 ATMs in North America.

TD’s sonic identity is crafted to be an accessible extension of the brand, providing a new dimension for customers to engage with TD. “We view our sonic identity as an extension of everything we stand for as an organization, and another way for us to create recognizable moments for our brand,” said Tyrrell Schmidt, Chief Marketing Officer at TD. “What I’m most excited about is the ability for this to make our branding even more accessible. The TD Shield and Green Chair are highly recognizable, iconic assets. However, our customers can’t experience them through increasingly popular audio-only formats or if they are visually impaired. We hope our sonic identity will be an important step in helping those customers feel connected to and a part of our community.”

The TD sonic identity features a theme played on a Rhodes electric piano in a major key, conveying happiness and confidence. Background elements such as claps, rhythmic stomps, and laughing voices add a touch of humanity, hospitality, and warmth. The new sonic identity has already shown impressive results, scoring above benchmarks for financial brands in recall (+21%), likability (+21%), and familiarity (+19%), according to a Veritonic Study on the TD Bank sonic logo conducted in the US in May 2022.

“Come in, Say Hi!” These were the welcoming words Valentin Fleur, Managing Director of Sixième Son Canada, first noticed at a TD branch in Toronto. Inspired by this message, Sixième Son focused on incorporating these sentiments into TD’s sonic identity. “I’m really proud of the sonic ecosystem we developed for TD, and the results of the Veritonic Study in terms of recall, likability, and familiarity show great brand equity potential for the long term,” said Fleur.

With this new sonic branding initiative, TD Bank is set to create more accessible and engaging experiences for its customers, reinforcing its brand presence and equity in innovative ways