Atom Bank Strengthens Its Commitment to Digital Innovation with Iress Partnership Extension

Atom Bank has extended its collaboration with Iress, committing to a five-year extension for Iress’s Mortgage Sales and Origination (MSO) platform. This extension aims to streamline mortgage processing and enhance customer experience, reaffirming Atom Bank’s dedication to technological innovation in the banking sector.

Atom Bank has announced a five-year extension of its partnership with Iress, a leading provider of financial services technology. This extension will continue the use of Iress’s Mortgage Sales and Origination (MSO) platform, which has been integral in enhancing Atom Bank’s mortgage processing capabilities.

Since adopting Iress’s MSO platform, Atom Bank has significantly improved the efficiency and speed of its mortgage services. The platform has enabled seamless digital workflows, reducing the time required for mortgage approvals and providing a smoother experience for customers. The renewed agreement underscores Atom Bank’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to stay competitive in the digital banking landscape.

The MSO platform offers a comprehensive solution for mortgage sales and origination, including features like automated decisioning, document management, and compliance checks. These functionalities have allowed Atom Bank to maintain high standards of service while managing increased volumes of mortgage applications.

Mark Mullen, CEO of Atom Bank, expressed his enthusiasm for the continued partnership, stating, “Extending our relationship with Iress ensures we can keep delivering fast, efficient, and customer-friendly mortgage services. We are dedicated to innovation and providing the best possible experience for our customers, and Iress’s MSO platform is a key part of that strategy.”

Iress has also welcomed the extension, with CEO Andrew Walsh noting, “We are thrilled to continue supporting Atom Bank in their mission to revolutionize digital banking. Our MSO platform is designed to meet the evolving needs of modern financial institutions, and this partnership extension is a testament to its success.”

The extended partnership between Atom Bank and Iress highlights the importance of strategic technological collaborations in the evolving financial services sector, setting a benchmark for digital innovation in banking.