Handelsbanken Norway Renews Partnership with Tietoevry Banking for Five More Years

Handelsbanken Norway has decided to extend its collaboration with Tietoevry Banking for another five years, strengthening their partnership to enhance digital banking services.

Handelsbanken Norway has announced the extension of its agreement with Tietoevry Banking, securing a continued partnership aimed at advancing digital banking solutions. The renewed contract underscores Handelsbanken’s commitment to leveraging Tietoevry’s expertise in enhancing their technological infrastructure and customer service capabilities. This collaboration aims to further streamline operations, improve efficiency, and deliver innovative digital banking experiences to customers across Norway.

Tietoevry Banking, a leading provider of digital banking solutions, will continue supporting Handelsbanken Norway with its comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern banking. This includes enhancing security measures, optimizing digital channels, and integrating advanced technological solutions to support Handelsbanken’s strategic objectives.

The extension of this partnership highlights Handelsbanken Norway’s proactive approach to embracing digital transformation in the banking sector. By extending their agreement with Tietoevry Banking, Handelsbanken aims to reinforce its position as a leader in customer-centric banking services while adapting to the rapidly changing landscape of digital finance.

Both parties expressed enthusiasm about the extended collaboration, emphasizing their shared vision of driving innovation and delivering superior banking experiences to customers. The renewed partnership is expected to facilitate ongoing advancements in digital banking capabilities, ensuring Handelsbanken Norway remains at the forefront of customer satisfaction and technological innovation in the Norwegian banking industry.