CTBC Bank Implements Avaloq Core for Enhanced Private Banking in Hong Kong and Singapore

CTBC Bank has selected Avaloq’s core banking system to elevate its private banking services in Hong Kong and Singapore, aiming to enhance client experience and operational efficiency.

CTBC Bank has announced a strategic partnership with Avaloq, a leading provider of digital banking solutions, to bolster its private banking offerings across Hong Kong and Singapore. The decision comes as part of CTBC Bank’s commitment to modernize and streamline its wealth management services, catering to the sophisticated needs of high-net-worth clients in key Asian financial hubs.

The implementation of Avaloq’s core banking system is poised to bring significant advancements in operational efficiency and client service quality for CTBC Bank. By leveraging Avaloq’s robust technology platform, CTBC Bank aims to achieve seamless integration across its private banking operations, enabling faster and more personalized services. This move underscores CTBC Bank’s proactive stance in adopting cutting-edge financial technologies to stay ahead in the competitive private banking landscape.

Mr. Lee Chang, Head of Private Banking at CTBC Bank, highlighted the strategic importance of this initiative, stating, “Our collaboration with Avaloq represents a pivotal step towards enhancing the overall client experience. With Avaloq’s expertise, we are confident in delivering tailored wealth management solutions that meet the evolving needs of our discerning clients.”

The deployment of Avaloq’s solution is expected to empower CTBC Bank’s relationship managers with advanced tools for portfolio management, risk assessment, and client engagement. This transformation aims to strengthen CTBC Bank’s position as a preferred choice for private banking services in Asia, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and client-centric financial solutions.