Pinwheel and Narmi Partner to Revolutionize Deposit Switching in Financial Services

Pinwheel and Narmi have joined forces to introduce a groundbreaking solution that simplifies deposit switching for banks and customers alike, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

Pinwheel, known for its advanced open banking APIs, has collaborated with Narmi, a leading provider of digital banking solutions, to introduce a seamless deposit switching service for financial institutions. This partnership aims to streamline the process of transferring direct deposits between banks, eliminating the traditional complexities and delays associated with such transactions.

The new solution allows customers to securely link their bank accounts through Pinwheel’s API technology and manage their financial data with unprecedented ease. By integrating this capability into Narmi’s digital banking platform, financial institutions can now offer customers a user-friendly interface to initiate and track direct deposit switches in real-time.

According to Pinwheel and Narmi, this collaboration marks a significant step forward in enhancing operational efficiency for banks while delivering a seamless banking experience for customers. The integration of Pinwheel’s data connectivity expertise with Narmi’s robust digital banking infrastructure promises to set a new standard in deposit switching capabilities within the financial services industry.

“Our partnership with Narmi represents our commitment to driving innovation in financial services,” said Scott Hutchings, CEO of Pinwheel. “By leveraging our open banking technology, we aim to empower banks to offer a more streamlined and customer-centric approach to managing direct deposits.”

The collaborative effort between Pinwheel and Narmi underscores the growing trend towards digital transformation within banking, where technology-driven solutions are increasingly reshaping traditional banking operations to meet the evolving needs of customers in a digital-first era.