Kount: Trust and Safety Solutions for Payment Fraud, Identity, and Compliance

Complete Trust and Safety. No Matter the Threat.

Your business has unlimited growth potential, but with every new opportunity comes unexpected threats. Overcome these uncertainties with Kount. We help your business grow safely and confidently, regardless of your industry or the challenges you face.

Our Solutions

Payments Fraud Manage fraud and chargebacks across the entire customer journey with Kount’s comprehensive tools and techniques. From preventing criminal fraud and reducing chargebacks to combating friendly fraud and recovering revenue, Kount offers an all-in-one platform that simplifies fraud management.

Identity Protection Kount’s advanced technology builds personal profiles using hundreds of data points, such as propensity to spend, buying habits, and payment history. This allows you to fully understand who is interacting with your brand, enabling you to engage the right customers at the right time with a secure and satisfying experience.

Compliance Simplify compliance with industry rules and government regulations using Kount. Our solutions help you meet requirements for anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC), sanctions, embargoes, and more. Achieve compliance in the most efficient way possible with minimal friction for your end users.

Personalized Solutions Customize your strategy with Kount. Whether you have unique use cases or specific technological needs, we can tailor our solutions to fit your business’s individual requirements.

Why Choose Kount?

Kount offers a complete approach to trust and safety, allowing you to select the solutions relevant to your business. We empower you to grow with confidence by providing:

  • Comprehensive Fraud Management: Tools and techniques for managing fraud and chargebacks.
  • Advanced Identity Protection: Personal profiles built with hundreds of data points for better customer engagement.
  • Efficient Compliance Solutions: Simplified processes for adhering to industry and government regulations.
  • Customized Strategies: Personalized solutions to meet your unique business needs.

Grow Safely with Kount

Contact us today to learn how Kount can help your business overcome threats and grow confidently. Our trust and safety solutions are designed to protect your business and ensure sustainable growth.

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